owner owner and principal Krzysztof S. Bialka, architect
University of Technology in Krakow graduate
1968 thesis project FIAT Salon in Krakow

profesional practice
- 1968 - 1981 design, spacial planning and civic administration work (designer, director of district urban planning office, principal of district architecture department),
- 1981 - 1992 design and supervision of private studio projects - member of Warsaw based Plan Design Company, Ltd.
- 1992 - established own practice Biuro Architektoniczne Krzysztof S. Bialka architekt record number 8953 (H) - S)



profesional licences, certifications: - 21.11.1974 - licensed Architect (license number 402 Km / 74)
- 2.03.1979 - licensed Engineer (license number BPP-8388/95/79)
- 1985 - awarded the Architect - Creator Title by the Minister of Culture
- 1968 - member of the Union of Polish Architects Nowy Sacz Devision, later Krakow Devision
- member of the Malopolska District Chamber of Architects, record number MP - 0067
- member of the District Disciplinary Court 2006-2010
- 24.01.2002 - licensed Building Surveyor (Head Building Inspector's decision
number 53/02, added to the Central Registry of Building Surveyors)
- Krakow District Court Expert
- Architect's Professional Liability Insurance




The Office Biuro Architektoniczne Krzysztof S. Bialka architekt became a private practice in 1992, transformed from a one - person architecture studio established in 1981.
The office premises is privately owned by the company and is located in Krakow, at Lobzowska 16.
Our office is fully computerized, uses professional and legal software, maintained by BIS Computers Bohdan Lisowski, Krakow, Smolensk 25.
Our company specializes in: public, housing, industrial, commercial, recreational, religious and interior design as well was urban planning.
On behalf of the Investor our company manages obtaining building permits and formal documents necessary for the design process, monitors cases in progress, and can provide construction supervision. The company also offers construction investment consultations, building expertise and technical surveying.
Our motto is Professional Experience and Reliability.
Office activities, resulted in honors in the competition "Forbes Professionals 2012 - Profession of Public Trust" Architect category in the malopolskie voivodship.

Our team:

Agnieszka Kus, Marek Barcik, Michal Gruszczynski

1992 - 2007 we have collaborated with architects:

Krzysztof Bojanowski, Anna Biskupska, Lukasz Jarosz, Barbara Kanska, Jacek Kuļ, Michal Korolczuk, Maciej Kociolek, Robert Nowosad, Maciej Skaza, Anna Pikulska – Dutkiewicz, Mariusz Twardowski, Wojciech Wokan, Andrzej Zalewski, Stanislaw Ciesielski, Michal Jedrzejewski.

Our office collaborates with design and engineering branch firms:

"GEO-LEM" - Krakow, Komandosow 2/140
Pracownia Inzynierska C.Hodurek - Krakow, Biskupia 14/9
"PROZAMAR" - Krakow, Kremerowska 6/3
ATLAS WARD Polska - Wroclaw, Al. Armii Krajowej 45
CONSOLIS Polska - Lodz, Wolczanska 128/134
"SANIT" - Krakow, Grzegorzecka 8/16
"KLIMAT"- Krakow, Tyniecka 30/5
TERMSTER - Krakow, Zawila 65F
"HYDRO" A. Kejzik - Krakow, Wlodkowica 7/15
"ORKA" - M. zakowska - Krakow, Kraszewskiego 36/8
JS SYSTEM S. Mazur - Krakow, Grzegorzecka 69
ALTRANS - Krakow, J. Lea 114
Office information:





31 – 140 Krakow, Lobzowska Rd. 16/7

NIP: 676-000-48-57
REGON: 350225765

private practice record number 8953 (H) - S

bank account information
60 1240 4722 1111 0000 4851 5379
Pekao S.A. o/Krakow, ul. Dunajewskiego 8